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Conlon Nancarrow Marilyn Manson South Park Cradle of Filth Absolutely Fabulous Olivier Messiaen QueenAdreena Let Them Eat Cake Tom Waits Steve Reich Babylon 5 Prepared piano Ornatos Violeta Henri Matisse Karlheinz Stockhausen Muse Yves Klein French and Saunders Onda Choc Nina Simone Christo and Jeanne-Claude Johann Sebastian Bach Pierre Boulez John Cage Dancer in the Dark The League of Gentlemen Radiohead

About me

I am currently a developer at Standard Chartered Bank. I'm also co-founder at Chordify, responsible for the functional back-end.

Before joining Standard Chartered, I was a postdoctoral research assistant in the Programming Languages group at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Oxford, working on the Unifying Theories of Generic Programming project.

Previously I was a PhD student at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. My PhD topic was Real-Life Datatype Generic Programming, supervised by Johan Jeuring, Andres Löh, and Doaitse Swierstra.

Before that I graduated from Minho University in Computer Science and Systems Engineering (Licenciatura em Engenharia de Sistemas e Informática).

I have also been a Summer Student at CERN, an intern at Philips Research, and a research intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge.


My full name is José Pedro Rodrigues Magalhães, where "José Pedro" is the given name and "Rodrigues Magalhães" is the surname. This is me pronouncing it. I tend to omit my first surname (Rodrigues). This might help understanding Portuguese names. To make matters more confusing, when addressed by the given name only I prefer being called Pedro or José Pedro, not just José.

Dreixel is a nickname I invented many years ago. Inspired by some space science-fiction series, I decided I needed a cool name too. Dreixel it was. Some years later I came across the internet and was asked for a nickname—dreixel it was.


Besides my research interests, I also enjoy doing some other stuff.
Music is a very important hobby of mine. I studied music as a side-study for 12 years (here), completing Organ studies at Conservatory level (which, in Portugal, is the pre-University level for musical education). So, I like music very much, and I tend to prefer 20th century and contemporary classical:

Pierre Boulez - Second notation for piano (Trés vif)

I also maintain (or try to maintain) Hauptwerk—a classical music blog.

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More paper drafts

Paper drafts updated: two new available, two updated.

Posted on: Tuesday, 18/06/2013, 04:39 (GMT)